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17 November 2005

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor...Your Cliches

Which Cliches are Dead on Arrival? Which Will Stand the Test of Time??

Suggestions welcome!! Here's a few which bug the hell out of me!

...tragically, it was then that something went terribly wrong.

...killed dead.

...the worm turns

...has this brought closure to you and your family?


...the tribe has spoken

...Welcome to Hollywood! Paula and Randy love you. I think you're just horrid.

...between a rock and a hard place (what would that be, exactly?) the west was won

...go ahead, make my day!

...the good, the bad, the ugly

...the ugly duckling (have you ever *seen* an ugly duckling?)

...she has legs up to her ass (don't we all?)

...I'm the King of the World!!!, dude, whatever!

...she was raped but not injured in the attack


Anonymous stan m said...

"Closure." What an over-rated concept.

It has been 38 years since I was brutally and publicly dumped by a woman I thought I would marry.

Forty years since Joe B-- spat in my face after knocking me to the ground. I can still recall the stench of his saliva.

Longer still, since I'd suffered the slings and arrows of my childhood peers, who resented my bookish, non-athletic nature.

I don't obsess over this stuff, but now and again something triggers a piquant reminder: a face, an odor, a location.

For a few moments, I am once again that vulnerable teenager who would have been happiest if it all "just went away."

On the surface, I am a Solid Citizen. Married 32 years to a woman who is like the other half of my incomplete self. Yet my dream life almost always involves isolation and rejection.

Modern pharmacology keeps me on a more or less level plane, but I still grieve for, feel embarrassment over indiginities suffered a lifetime ago.

Hemingway observed that life breaks us, and we heal stronger at the broken places. Bullshit. We remain broken, and simply learn not to trust the broken parts to bear weight.

1:15 PM  

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