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Does any other self-identified 'opinionator' exist who yells louder than Bill O'Reilly,is as stupidly insipid as Sean Hannity, as impervious to the truth as Chris Matthews,is as over-bearingly condescending as Nancy Grace,more narcissistic and smarmy than Geraldo Rivera,or more worthless than Connie Chung? Help me hold the collective 'media' feet to the fire, have fun playing w/ words and searching for great websites to blog. Door's open, come on in!!

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I run on the beach and no one mistakes me for Bo Derek and I'm proud of that; I walk and explore in the redwood forests while moving banana slugs so they don't get squashed by traffic. Love art, esp.sculpture and/or anything with color;all over the map w/music. Talk back to the television and radio...I still haven't figured out how they get those tiny people into the TV/radio.

19 November 2005

Media Malapropisms, Mischief, Mayhem & Just Plain Stupidity

June 10, 2006

Sometime late 2005(?)

When Natalie Holloway was the missing white chick du jour...
Sean Hannity displayed the most asinine lack of on-air talent and common decency perhaps ever to be seen in the history of televsion broadcasts of any kind! Here were Natalie's poor, disheveled, bedraggled, frazzled mother and stepfather, once again sitting in chairs on the beach, and once again facing the record-holding IDIOT of BROADCASTING, Sean Hannity. (I apologize to any idiots who take offense, but if you've ever watched this fool for two minutes you know what I mean.)

Let's skip the hellos and the first round of 'what's your daughter still presumed dead?' b.s. Sean Hannity then says, 'I know this is a bad time for your family but I wanted to congratulate you on your tenth(??) wedding anniversary before we go any further tonight.'

I'm sorry...did someone drop a bomb and just blow up the Halloway family? They could be seen physically recoiling and I was just hoping they'd stay upright in their chairs and maybe elude cardiac arrest. The step-father tried to stammer a thank-you, but choked on the words and Nat's mom was deep in PTSD. SO HANNITY..always quick on his seat tried to repeat the congratulations, explaining that he knew it was a hard thing to think about but "I just wanted to make sure someone wished you a happy anniversary or a relaxing evening or maybe dinner somewhere......." OK, can admit being wrong once in your life...can that idiot HANNITY before the projectile vomiting you hear is headed your way!

Jan 05, 2006

CBS 5 Bay Area News.. heard almost daily: '....flooding continues in south Bay. Unbelievable pictures next!' So why waste my time with pictures that are not believable???

CBS 5 Bay Area News..... ' Sandy, have they brought out the dead body yet?'
My opposed to the **live**body? And is this an update we need to enrich our TV news- viewing experience?

Heard on Fox News 17 Nov '05

Interview w/police re: escaped convicts '...we had the canine dog unit working w/us...' So where was the canine *cat* unit?

Intro used daily by Shepherd Smith for his segment of global news on Fox...'Live at the speed of sound...' So what would be '....**Dead** at the speed of sound??

Jan 05, 2006

This is media stupidity at its finest: 'Say, let's create a new prime time show for CBS, borrow someone from Fox News and what shall we call it? Hmmmm...oh, I've got it. How about Geraldo at Large? We can cross-promo on O'Reilly, makeup silly media in-fighting you think anyone will notice that descriptives 'Geraldo' and '...Large' are oxymorons or just moronic?'

In my humble opinion (IMHO), there is nothing so creepy as watching Geraldo Rivera put two fingers to his lips and then turn them toward the camera, as if sending viewers some soothing kind of kiss to fix the boo-boo. Yuck! I'm beginning to feel the stirrings of yearning for Dan Rather's simple message, 'Courage.'

And is there anyone alive other than Geraldo who thinks of himself as the largest, grandest, communicator of all time? I feel a new rant coming on. Meet you at the Fox News post! (Still in draft as of 6/10/06)


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