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22 December 2005

Oh, For Christ's Sake!

Let's get a couple of things straight...we so-called human beings of the animal kingdom do not know when Christ was born, much less if he was a real person, an evolved myth ...umm, wait a minute....did Christ evolve or is that evolution...wouldn't that be interesting topic for debate?? Or are all the versions of the "Bible" just fairy tales written by people with too much time on their hands??

Is there anything with any possible DNA to prove that one of us might be related to Christ? Hey, come on....Mary might have loved the immaculate conception sex and done it a few more times. Or did she have babies with an ex-husband?? If we are all truly related, and Christ was a real person, then every person past,present and future is a cousin of Christ. And who says Christ didn't leave children and grandchildren (and I don't mean the generic 'children of God'.) And who says he ever existed? And who cares?

So let's cut the crap over this media-generated 'war' on Christmas and move on. Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson (Fox News) are idiots. The right wing, the left wing, the north,south,east and west wing sent roughly 400 e-mails/faxes/or phone calls to the conservative Alliance Defense Fund complaining about so-called 'attacks' on Christmas. That figure is provided by the ADL and is bandied about like 400 of **anything** is a big deal. Well, let's see: there are roughly
298 million people in the United States (at 15:34 GMT, 22 Dec, 2005) and 6 and one-half *B*illion people globally (at 15:36 GMT, 22 Dec, 2005). **400*** complaints???

Oh, for Christ's sake!


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