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Does any other self-identified 'opinionator' exist who yells louder than Bill O'Reilly,is as stupidly insipid as Sean Hannity, as impervious to the truth as Chris Matthews,is as over-bearingly condescending as Nancy Grace,more narcissistic and smarmy than Geraldo Rivera,or more worthless than Connie Chung? Help me hold the collective 'media' feet to the fire, have fun playing w/ words and searching for great websites to blog. Door's open, come on in!!

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08 January 2006

Chinese University Press

Isn't it time to look at University Presses around the globe? How can we be fully informed global beings if all we read is Fox News updates and Bob Jones University Press in the United States. Come on...what's the worst that can happen? They can't cook you and eat you, and maybe you'll learn the real joy of searching for and finding answers!!!!!


Anonymous stan m said...

I don't believe that anyone can form an accurate picture of a university press solely through its web presence or its catalog, both of which are bound to be self-serving.

For example, the Johns Hopkins University Press web page paints a glowing picture, that is at variance with my experience (as a writer) with the organization.

The short version of the story would be this: the editorial board refused to publish a book devoted to the centennial of the February, 1904 fire that destroyed downtown Baltimore (home to the university). Especially in light of recent urban devastation--natural and terroristic--this story has "legs" that overshadow even the impact of this important centennial. The book was meticulously researched by a faculty member and department head, but was rudely rejected. However, the same editorial board saw fit to publish a "history of sex toys," done by someone with no connection to Hopkins, incidentally.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must add that I was not the author of the rejected book, although I had submitted a proposal for one on the same subject, and spent some time in consultation with Pete Petersen, who wrote the book, and to my delight found a publisher on the second try.

Thus, my advice would be to follow all the links that Westwoman has so helpfully provided, but take all the information with the proverbial grain of salt.

8:39 AM  
Blogger westwoman said...

I thank stan m for his salient points. He's a credible observer of media activities and his blog at blogcity is testimony to his power w/ the written word. He's objective and his criticisms are always well taken. (At least by me!)Thanks, stan m and I hope others will discover your blogcity spot and learn from you as I continue to do! westwoman

12:20 PM  

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