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Does any other self-identified 'opinionator' exist who yells louder than Bill O'Reilly,is as stupidly insipid as Sean Hannity, as impervious to the truth as Chris Matthews,is as over-bearingly condescending as Nancy Grace,more narcissistic and smarmy than Geraldo Rivera,or more worthless than Connie Chung? Help me hold the collective 'media' feet to the fire, have fun playing w/ words and searching for great websites to blog. Door's open, come on in!!

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I run on the beach and no one mistakes me for Bo Derek and I'm proud of that; I walk and explore in the redwood forests while moving banana slugs so they don't get squashed by traffic. Love art, esp.sculpture and/or anything with color;all over the map w/music. Talk back to the television and radio...I still haven't figured out how they get those tiny people into the TV/radio.

11 March 2006

Media Owners -See who owns the American Media

See who owns the American media


Blogger westwoman said...

Take a look at the media was/is no accident that ABC News (beginning when Peter Jennings was there)'kicks'their newscasts with an unadulterated, shameless advertisement for a new Disney production coming soon to theaters near you.

It was painful to watch Jennings squirm in his chair and have to say something pithy following that dreck.

You don't get national news in your homes, computers, Ipods, cell phones, Tivos,and all those gadgets. The name of the game now is National ENTERTAINMENT news. Is that really what you want?

6:01 PM  

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