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12 April 2006

Out From the Shadows

We came from every direction, up into the light from the subways below, blinking like moles, heads swiveling around looking for those who looked and sounded like us.

I tucked in behind a group of about 20 young men and women allowing them to draft me along by attaching myself to their youthful energy. At every intersection more people poured into the orderly march to the march. Crowds threatened to take over entire street pavements but we just stuck to the sidewalks like hungry caterpillars, receiving sustanence in laughter and joy of many languages. We brought flags, families, fever pitch excitement. So many young ones who never saw a protest, much less finding themselves the focus of powerful outpouring of unity and strength. Here was their first chance to raise voices in unison with millions of latina/os across this treasured country. This was their chance to tell of their love for the United States of America, of their love for their families, of their willingness to do whatever demanded of them to become citizens. Somos NO Criminales!! Si Se Puede!! "USA...USA...USA." Pitched cheers as Latin American groups were identified in the crowd... one by one: Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, many more...25,000 signs "We Are Americans" waving overhead along with United States flags everywhere I looked.

Invoking the dream of Martin Luther King , speakers felt he would be proud of the diversity of the audience, and I'm certain they were right. But the messages Monday was not just "We are here, we are not criminals, we love our country. The chant was delivered in multi-languages to President George Bush:" we march, tomorrow we vote!" " we march, tomorrow we vote!

Our Congress, in recess, will do well listening to the millions who protested around the country and pass legislation to right the wrongs of decades of racism, classism and degradation carried on the shoulders of people who only want what everyone else wants: ", liberty and pursuit of happiness." In the United States of America.


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