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10 June 2006

Heads Will Continue To Roll

So you think the Islamic insurgency will settle down now and all will be good little boys and girls? Oh, ye of little faith...

Today we know, because someone in Iraq has the job of counting, there have been at least three beheadings. Well, of course there were, and will continue to be. If you think the insurgents have been led all this time by just one al-Qaeda puppet, where have you been???

Islamic insurgents are not just posted in Baghdad. They are not just in little Afghanistan caves, nor are they just hidding out along the Pakistan border. LOOK AROUND!

Islamic insurgents are happy campers throughout the Middle East, in Eastern Europe, in Europe, in North and South America, in Africa and Austrailia, in India, Japan and China and yes, you betcha...they are firmly planted in the U.S.

So before we all run around like the second coming of Christ is at hand....start counting the Muslim population of this entire globe, factor out all the good people and then contemplate how many insurgents and insurgents-to-be are out there.

Let me know what numbers you come up with...and how you feel about Wednesday's fun assassination....I love all opinions! Partcularly when my opinion ends up dissenting with my original opinion. Come join the funhouse!


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