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10 June 2006

On Your Mark, Get Set....Run!!

OK...Whose got the cajones to predict the 2008 Prez racers....(In this country)


Based on our penchant for weird and weirder......Bill Mahr and Elizabeth Vargas...oh, that's not right....Vargas will have Conde Rice's job...asking the probing question 'Will the United States plan a nuclear attack on Iran with nuclear weapons?'

Come on Lizzie.... Being pregnant can't be blamed for your dumb questions!!

Mahr deserves so much better...and so do we! So, what about those Democrats?

Mahr and McCain? Could Mahr keep McCain under control?

Well, how about Bill Clinton and Bill Mahr? Bill Clinton and General Wesley Clark? Bill Clinton and Colin Powell? Bill Clinton and the Temptations? (Sorry, Bill.) Bill Clinton and Guilianni?
Bill Clinton and Oriana Fallaci? Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr? Bill Clinton and John McCain?
Bill Clinton and Joe Biden? Clinton and Dennis Hopper? Clinton and Kiefer Sutherland? Clinton and Anderson Cooper? Clinton and Wesley Clark? Wesley Clark? Wesley Clark? Ahh, the possibilities...and all speculation done without personal attacks and mud-throwing.

I'd ask Bill O'Reilley for his opines and picks, but he's too nasty and couldn't keep his suggestions from becoming free-for-all lynchings> Sorry Billy O.

How about those Republicans?

Conde Rice.....but who to pair with? Hillary Clinton? Anderson Cooper? Ray Nagen...oh, that's such an insult to Ms. Rice. I apologize, Conde. Conde and Colin? Oh, the great political cartoons. McCain and Conde? Verrrrry Scarrry! But interesting. Or, Conde and McCain?
No girly-men there, Ahhhnold! Ann Coulter and a target on her back? No one would meet Ann Coulter's opinion of herself....hence no running mate good enough.

There must be a wealthy...err, I mean a wealth of prospective talent to lead this decreasingly free nation. So who would you like to see...or not?


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