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I run on the beach and no one mistakes me for Bo Derek and I'm proud of that; I walk and explore in the redwood forests while moving banana slugs so they don't get squashed by traffic. Love art, esp.sculpture and/or anything with color;all over the map w/music. Talk back to the television and radio...I still haven't figured out how they get those tiny people into the TV/radio.

12 June 2006

Props to Anderson Cooper

Well, saw you as the host of 'The Mole.' Not impressed by you and certainly not the show.

When you showed up at CNN I cringed and couldn't figure out what brainless exec hired you.

You went to Katrina and kicked ass. Now you are a 'star,' such as that is in your business.
As long as you don't buy the hype and continue to care about people you interview, continue to thirst for and find world knowledge and always thank the camerapeople who do the heavy lifting, you'll be fine.

And I congratulate you on your evolution. Looks good on you!!


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