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04 November 2006

Outrage out to lunch!

Dennis Hastert is a big,fat,lying pig. That's not's the truth. When he stood on the steps of the House of Reps, surrounded by old, blowsy,soft, white men over 60-65 (the good ol' boys)and claimed responsibility for the page scandal, but refused to resign...I came close to throwing up. After clearing my head and looking around, I noticed that everyday people weren't outraged, or particularlyconcerned about the safety of young people working in the hallowed halls of Congress. Where's the outrage, the cries for resignations?

So here's what's bothering me: 1)Hastert knew if he held on until the mid-term election, then he could just step down when the elephants take over from the asses.
That gave him time to back-door projects he wanted, to push for votes for his faves in the house and when he's no longer Speaker of the House...he's still a rotten representative with too much power and too little intelligence and no ethics. Get rid of him. Insist he resign his house seat! Why should he continue to enjoy the perks and power of his job? 2)Why did no one call for the immediate resignation of the joker who oversees the House Page program? He came out early, promised quick investigation and action...and we haven't seen or heard from him since. It has come to be known that **he**also knew Foley's creepy attraction to young male pages, he knew about Foley's drunken attempt to get into the page housing late one night, he knew about the early e-mails. All he did was have a private little talk w/Foley, slapped his pee-pee and let him go on his way. Why is this man still overseeing the page program? This man must also be called to responsibility and be forced to resign his house seat; 3) While I realize parents don't want their sons to be named in this nasty business and so you see no interviews with upset families or pages, still the page program should have been put on immediate shut-down until all the investigations were done, and any action needed to be taken was in place. Yes, I know students sign up far ahead of time and some would not be pages because of the temporary shutdown. So go get a real life: get a job picking crops, rebuilding homes on the south coast,go to Darfur and witness the something! But don't whine about taking time to fix what is truly broken.

Maybe, just maybe, people have been more concerned about our pages than I've heard. Maybe, just maybe, they will get out and vote next week and we'll see a house cleaning...literally.